Lucy and Michael's Wedding
Sunday, June 19th, 2005, 11:30am, Villa Montalvo, Oval Garden

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Javier Solis (Deputy Marriage Commissioner)
Javier and Michael have been good friends for almost 5 years. It all began when they both started working at Andes Networks in 2000 as senior hardware design engineers, passing the time with many an "interesting" conversations... But, seriously, Javier has been a great friend to Michael, in both good times and bad. Their friendship has continued even after both left Andes. And because of this friendship, Michael and Lucy instantly knew that they wanted Javier to be the one to officiate their wedding! (plus, doesn't he just look the part?? just kidding Javier... ) Javier works at goBackTV as a hardware design engineer.

Bridal Party
Grace Lian (Maid of Honor)
Grace is Lucy's maid of honor... more to come!

Amy Chu (Bridesmaid)
Amy is Michael's younger sister and Lucy's sister-in-law-to-be. In Michael's family, Amy is quite the movie afficianado and, as such, was responsible for keeping the family up-to-date on the latest Blockbusters. After getting her B.S. and M.S. at MIT, Amy went on to become a consultant for IBM. In addition to movie watching, Amy also enjoys traveling (she's recently been to Hong Kong, Shanghai and France) and oil painting, creating several personal works which are proudly hanging up at home! Amy still works as a consultant for IBM Global Services.

Yue Chen (Bridesmaid)
Yue is one of Lucy's bridesmaids... more to come!

Shantanu Tarafdar (Best Man)
Shantanu and Michael's first meeting was one evening at work when Michael's motorcycle ran out of battery power! Shantanu was kind enough to give Michael a ride home... And he has also "chauffeured" Michael many times to the airport when Michael was going to visit Lucy. As it turned out, they found out that they shared a common interest in aviation (Michael is a pilot and Shantanu is an avid flight simulator enthusiast). If it weren't for Shantanu coming by Michael's cube asking if he wanted to go get food, Michael would probably never eat! Shantanu works as a software engineer at Stretch with Michael.

Bob Feng (Groomsman)
Bob is Lucy's younger brother and Michael's brother-in-law-to-be. Bob is currently the resident photographer in Lucy's family and loves to take a variety of photographs, from people to scenery (if he wasn't a groomsman then he'd most likely be a photographer for our wedding... ) Quite a tall guy, it is no wonder that another one of Bob's pastimes is playing basketball. Bob will be attending either UC Davis or UC San Diego this coming fall, majoring in Economics, and "minoring" in video gaming when he has time.

Garrett Masuda (Groomsman)
Garrett and Michael go back for more than a decade! Having attended Saratoga High together, Garrett and Michael used to hang out quite a bit in high school and were both members of track as well as several clubs. Garrett has always been there whenever Michael has needed to talk. While more on the quiet side, Garrett has a talent which many people might not know about... writing poetry. Once working for a Smith Barney, Garrett is currently looking to start his own business!

Last updated: April 5, 2005